Firstborn... Secondborn

Just another pleasant family dinner, chez Ashby:

I think Firstborn reacted quite well to the new house rule, "Eat what's on your plate or go hungry."  

I've only myself to blame.  The rule should have been enacted when he first showed signs of being a picky eater.  But he's my Firstborn, I couldn't let him go hungry, and I'm dearly paying the price for it.  Because I haven't backed down and neither has he.  Dinners at our house are a glorious contest of wills between two of the stubbornest people on the planet.  And I will win, because I am MOM, and he is HUNGRY.

You may have noticed Yours Truly in the intro shot, hunched over my historical romance novel, wearing fashionable fleece, completely oblivious to my screaming child or the fact that Bill got the camera out in the first place.  That’s just how I deal with screaming kids these days.  Firstborn… Secondborn.  If Secondborn doesn't like what's being served for dinner, she'll go to bed hungry... very hungry.


  1. Hang tough, Mama! Thank heavens for books that are absorbing. Make sure you have one on hand at all times! Si seemed like he was getting bored of his own self. Funny.

  2. That's how we roll here. You get what you get and you can eat it or not. Luckily, our boys are pretty good eaters.

    Stay strong!!!

  3. K, pure genius! now no one will ever ask us to baby sit since you've shown that we are monster makers. Monster Maker Inc. our motto: give us your innocent child and we'll return a monster.
    picture it:

    (mother calling you to ask you to baby sit)
    (she opens the video)
    mother: "Oh...My...God..."
    (hangs up before you answer)

    brilliant, should be an easy summer!

    btw, nice camera work, just sayin

  4. Its perfect Karyn, really. And if you watch closely Si looks a bit like he's about to chuckle before another deep breath is belted out. We too have to eat what's on our plates, only thing is getting the serving size right sometimes when the dad does the piling. Keep up the good work! (this is Deni btw, just used my hub's google a/c)

  5. kids pitching fits... better than television!

  6. Oh my gosh Karyn! This is my house to a "T"! I can remember the famous "lettuce standoff" with Dallon, and the "you will try lasagna" moment with Trevon..... the joys of parenting:)) It's such a comfort to know that most all of us(who are truthful) go through the same craziness! I sat and caught up on your blog tonight and just LOVED looking at every moment! Thanks so much for making me feel not so far away:))) Love you much - Joette