Welcome to my office.... my Lego office.

The kid loves Legos.  With just a little help here and there, he looks at the instructions and puts the kits together by himself, impressive for a just-turned-5-year-old.  When he’s not building or playing with them, he's studying the sets on the Lego website, and telling us which ones he wants to get (all of them - fanning of the flames of his inner consumerist).  Or he's watching other kids review Lego sets on YouTube and treating us to some rather long-winded reviews of his own: "As you can see, there's a lot of sticker detail on this fire truck here... I think it's a pretty cool set."

As you can see, he totally scored on Legos for his birthday last month (fanning the flames of his outer consumerist).  In one day, our kitchen table became Lego Headquarters and something had to be done.  So we set up this table for him in the living room, that he promptly began calling his “Lego Office.”   

Doesn’t do much for home décor, either.

Keeping Legos off the kitchen table has gone the way of so many other lofty goals, like cleaning the playroom every day.  The Lego Office was a godsend at first, and now simply helps demarcate little Legos from big Legos.  Welcome to the kitchen table… my other Lego Office.

 You can tell from the cuisine that Daddy made dinner.


  1. They sure take over, don't they? I mean the kids. Our whole living room (which is small to begin with) is filled with toys. We have a trunk we can fit most of them in, but the toys quickly escape. Since the boys share a room--our place is small--it's jammed with dressers, beds, and toys, toys, toys! I covet your playroom and I blame grandparents for the overabundance of toys.

  2. Our playroom is a glorified laundry room, boasting a washer and dryer, a hot water heater, and a forced-air heater. It has concrete floors that are covered in carpet fragments and is always 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house because even though the heater is in there, there are no actual heating vents. It also has some interesting, partially painted wood trim around the windows that I’m going to call rustic. Still, I am soooooo happy to have a playroom and I think the kids are darn lucky to have their own space, too.

  3. I love Si's scientific man face in the top pic. "The fascinating thing about leggos is...."
    So funny. The daddy dinner looks good.

  4. "a lot of sticker detail" has me dying over here. I started just cleaning up all of the toys at the end of the day. Then I went to the end of the week. I will now clean them up at the end of...parenthood.