DCFS - take me away!

I found this on the kitchen floor today:

which must have happened during the madness and mayhem that is getting Silas ready and out the door for preschool (“Si, please put your clothes on... if you don’t start getting dressed, I’m going to take away a sticker, 1… 2…......  You got your pants on – great!  You’re doing good, keep going!  Please stay focused…..... if you don’t put your shirt on, I’m going to take away a sticker, 1… 2…").* Meanwhile, Roo, not yet 18 months of age, is usually gathering all of our shoes, coats, hats, etc., and trying to put hers on.  But today, apparently, she had the time, inclination, and free reign to get this knife and apple down from the kitchen table and practice her stabbing skills. 

I am mentally preparing for the knock at the door that will be DCFS after one of you undoubtedly reports me.

*100 points if you can name all the parenting book methods I'm using here.


  1. Finn loves getting everyone ready, too. He's always bringing us shoes and hats (that's all he can reach). It doesn't even matter if we are going somewhere or not.

    Anders is hit or miss on the getting ready. I don't know what parenting methods you are using, but maybe I should look into it. Maybe praise and rewards?

  2. My main parenting method is The Kazdin Method - a positive reinforcement method, which usually works. But the "1...2..." is from "1-2-3 Magic" which otherwise does not work for us. My new method, which Bill does not approve of, is to just help him get dressed. He loves it when I help him and I don't care if it's bad parenting or not because it avoids the conflict in the first place (Ref: Raising Your Spirited Child, and Hold On To Your Kids).