Attempted Life

I'm posting this blurry picture of the happy couple doing something together that doesn't involve child-rearing, lest you think my life revolves around my children (actually, it does, but my new goal is to be like
Rebekah Vaisey, Rebekah Vaisey, and Rebekah Vaisey, who has four children, not just two).

Chicago.  Lake Street.  “Brass Inferno” at Bottom Lounge.  3-11-10.

The fashion crisis:

The look:

The Americana I drank before we left since 7th Kind started playing at 10pm, one hour past my bedtime:

My rock god:


  1. Good for you for getting out! We go out once in a great while, but always need to get home early to relieve our babysitter (usually a friend or inlaw). I'm so proud of you guys for getting out and seeing (playing) music!

  2. A) You looked like jailbait. ie. too young to have kids at home waiting for your return. B) It is awesome you actually had a cool place to go (we usually end up at target). and C) I would not wish on my worst enemy to be like me. I am a certifiable nutcase. Ask my therapist...and steve...and my neighbors. They will all tell you. THanks for the shout out though. I can put that down in the "pleasure" column of my cognitive behavioral therapy assignment to keep track of the good things!

  3. ps. I wish we were neighbors. I wish it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.