It's 40 degrees and sunny in Chicago today! Really!

Every year Yahoo publishes an article like this, where Chicago and Milwaukee make the top 5 list of Cities with the Worst Weather.  We live smack dab in-between Chicago and Milwaukee which inevitably leads to the same old discussion started by yours truly saying:  “Why, why must we choose to live here?”  I would move back to California in a heartbeat, whilst Bill claims he would die if he left his band behind (true) and if he moved away from Chicago (untrue – he said this about moving to the suburbs and now he loves it).  The thing about Chicago weather is not so much how cold it gets in the winter (cold), it’s the lack of temperate weather.  Contrary to popular belief, there’s only two seasons here:  Too Cold (three out of four seasons) and Too Hot (the leftover season).  Then there’s the case of the missing sun, with an average of only 84 sunny days a year.

But I should be singing praise songs instead of complaining.  Last week was the first time this year I had to break out the snow-blower and the baby carrier before preschool – THE FIRST TIME!  Last year I lost count.  I look like a total badass with the kids and my awesome snow-blower.  

Before and after pics of my bitchin’ snow-blowin' job:




  1. Wow, you own a snowblower! I am impressed. And you do it with two kids hanging on. Nice work. You don't just look like a badass, you are one! All I have is a shovel. Fortunately our driveway is nowhere near as long as yours.

  2. you are seriously hard core. I can't even stand it actually. You are like a comic book character with super you know how I know? You are smiling. How are you smiling? You are about to snowblow a driveway int eh freezing coldd with two children. Super powers.