How to go ice skating in Gages Lake, IL

Walk out of our house and down the street…

turn left and walk down the street…

to the hockey rink that’s been magically plowed on the frozen lake inlet…

including a bench area where you can put your skates on (a boat dock in the summer). 

Pretty cool, huh?

After skating walk across the inlet and out onto the lake where you went swimming just last summer.

Top it off with some snowy swinging.  Survey says:  two out of two children prefer Daddy to be the swinger.  (Note the blueberry stains on Roo's mouth.)

These guys drove by while we were playing on the ice rink.  Bill said, “I wonder how much those things cost?” 
I said, “I don’t know but I bet when Si’s older we’re gonna find out.”  I just hope he’ll give me rides.


  1. How lucky to live so close to an ice rink and a swimming hole! Your kids are going to grow up awesome.

    I sometimes think the best part about having kids is all the toys you get to play with. OK, it's not the best part, but it's pretty good.

  2. looks like rochester. but i'm over it:(
    p.s. i love your children's names.

  3. this is seriously cool. but not cool enough for you to not move to Northern California and be my neighbor. I would just like to mention that there is a house for sale on my street. No frozen lake but you could iceskate on me no problem. if you wanted.

  4. ps. Kelly up there married my husband's brother. fancy running into you here kelly. This is where all the celebs hang Nobu but without sushi.

  5. Hmmm.... sushi. Bekah, I emailed Kelly because I've been reading her blog since your post about her and I wanted to introduce myself so I could comment without feeling like a stalker. That, and I'm trying to worm my way into your supercool family, which is not a bad idea, maybe I'll friend all your sis-in-laws on FB - only if they have cool blogs, though.
    p.s. what is the address of the house for sale? maybe i can look it up online, do a virtual tour, and dream on