You Say It's Your Birthday?

In the midst of my REORGANIZE THE KITCHEN NOW project, Silas woke up, came downstairs, and announced it was Buttercup’s birthday.  Buttercup is the stuffed animal lamb he has been “taking care of.”  He also informed me that we were going to have a birthday party for her, replete with a treasure hunt, decorations, guests (luckily some other stuffed animals were deemed acceptable), and a cake – specifically the cake on the cover of the cookbook he got me for Christmas (see here).  Arguing with a child who inherited a strong will from both of his parents would have been pointless.  And so, a good half of my “adult project” day was co-opted by Buttercup and her birthday. 

First, we baked a cake, after which further instructions from Silas ensued, e.g. Buttercup did NOT want us to sing the cha-cha-cha’s in the Happy Birthday Song (as in “Happy Birthday to You, Cha-Cha-Cha,” which, coincidentally, Silas doesn’t like either).  Our resident poster-maker, Daddy, was put in charge of decorations as Silas seems to have inherited his fine art skills from me and is not interested in drawing or coloring (or anything, really, that involves sitting down).   Lastly, it was a surprise party so we tricked Buttercup by telling her that her birthday was actually not today but the next day before we yelled Surprise!, sang Happy Birthday (sans cha-cha-cha’s), and had cake. (She just turned 4, by the way, only because we didn't have a 5 candle.)

The Cake

The Party

And the Poster 



  1. She's back!!!!! And mmmmmmmmmmm does that cake look yummy. I hope you put Buttercup's birthday on the calendar so you remember next year.

  2. you are, officially, the coolest mom on the block.

  3. I suspect that the poster reflects Si's interests in order of size. Little Buttercup, bigger truck. You should put it on the calendar! It could be a sweet and hilarious family tradition. Picture it when the kids are teens -- darling, and an excuse for cake!