Gup, Gup

It's official.  Both my babies have babies of their own now.  Silas has Buttercup (see previous post), and Roo has a baby doll that my Mom insisted on getting her for Christmas.  I swear she didn’t sleep well until her granddaughter had a good and proper DOLL in her tiny little hands.  I insisted Roo was too young to even care about a doll (full disclosure:  I never really liked or played with dolls) and we should wait until she was at least two years old to see if she was even interested in them.  I was capital W - Wrong.  She loves the baby doll, and it even keeps her from crying most of the time now when we put her down to sleep, making me feel like a Heartless Mommy who didn’t realize her child needed a transitional object at bedtime.   

But Roo didn’t stop there.  Oh no.  She now has a menagerie of stuffed animals that must be in her bed to assist her with this transition:  a penguin, a dog, and a chick still half in the egg.  And I thought it was a pain just finding Si’s blankie every night.  In case you were wondering, according to Roo, a dog says, “Woof, Woof,”  a chick says, “Cheep, Cheep,” and a penguin says, “Gup, Gup.”



  1. I was wondering what a penquin said...don't think I haven't been asked that question. Finn just started saying "ew" or "oo" when we ask him what a cow says. Glad the doll is helping her sleep.

  2. Don't fight it.....sometimes they slip into gender roles all on their own. Just wait until she tells you how much better you would look with a little bit of makeup.......