Whatever I Get...

Here's a wonderful Christmas song that Si wrote:

(For a cuter, alternate version, go here ashby de la hair EXTRAS.)

Note my “haven’t-showered-in-three-days” hair.  You can’t see it, but in the drawer behind us is my pristine "To Do Before Christmas List", totally unmarred by cross-offs.  We just might see some actual Christmas cookies today, and a wrapped present or two under the tree (well-hidden, of course, so they won’t get destroyed by the baby or the 4 year old).

Also, Si made this Lego ornament all by himself.  It was his idea, too.


  1. That's a great song! I had it in my head for half an hour after hearing it. Si should consider a career in jingle-writing!

  2. Yes, it's very catchy. I was singing it for 2 days straight.