Trapped! Frozen! Onions!

The garage door has been frozen shut for two days and my car is trapped inside.  There it is:  car prison.
I'm feeling a bit loopy.  Silas asked if he could play with onions and I said sure – I was curious, how would one play with eight onions?  Answer:  roll them around and around on the kitchen floor until the floor is covered with onion skin pieces.  Discovery:  onions are great baby toys.


  1. next time you could set up some eggplants and he could bowl with the onions. I think indoor vegetable sport has a future. if you call bowling a sport...which I think they do.

    ps. i kind of wish my car was trapped and I had a good excuse not to go anywhere.

  2. Vegetable bowling is brilliant! See - I need you here to help me with these kinds of ideas. That would have been so much fun AND a better blog post.

  3. Karyn, my car was trapped, and I had to get to work regardless of the frozen vegetables. I set out walking not knowing that I was in a blizzard at two in the morning. From now on I think all families with small children should be able to have vegetable sports of any kind in the future. I will come and organizie them I can be a lot of fun and it's certainly a lot better than frostbite. Think of the possiblities...frozen pototoe rolling, frozen cabbage bowling, and of course one of my favorites picking the biggist pumpkin in the field. Call any time Karyn I will be available. Just remember "Ghost in the Graveyard" always a smashhit so think about it. Aunt Pam of some sort!