Important Holiday Musings From a Deep Thinker

I’m fully aware there are more pressing issues in the world and at large, but I have some serious Christmas tree ISSUES.  I would not describe myself as a home décor enthusiast and I’m definitely not a holiday-decorator type.  But I concede - a Christmas tree should have flair, and mine certainly lacks that SHAM-WOW! factor I intended it to have.

First up:  lighting.  A paltry attempt at best.  We used to have two strings of globe lights but they are made of glass and we break three of them a year, minimum.  They are a pain in the patuzi so they are going down.  Love the globes but they are frosted and don’t give off enough light to illuminate the delicate ornaments which are issue number two:


I love the musical instrument and carpentry tool ornaments, they represent Bill’s interest, but they are so delicate they don’t stand out.  Why you might ask, are there no ornaments representing yours truly?  That, gentle readers, is to be explained in another blog post, in an entirely separate blog I haven’t started yet.  The title of said post is something like, “Why, why is my life entirely consumed by children and housework and I have no hobbies or life outside of this house even though I have plenty of good ideas about things I would like to do ALL BY MYSELF – WHY?”  My current “project” is cooking and baking, but only by default, I don’t want to see an ornament reminding me about all the time I spend on that.  But I digress.  Ornaments – too delicate – not eye-catching – where are the sparkling shiny Christmas tree bulbs?  Which brings me to issue number three:

A serious case of “Toddler-tree.”  Most of our ornaments are breakable and therefore clustered at the top of the tree, far away from Toddler hands, leaving no room for those all-important, glittery, twinkly Christmas tree balls.  Only ornaments of sentimental value from my husband’s childhood are clustered around the bottom of the tree (I think they’re ugly so I don’t care if the kids wreck them.)

And that concludes our Christmas tree critique and therapy session.  You would think a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago could and should do sooooooo much better.  I see some after-Christmas décor sales in my future.  Meanwhile, get a life, Mom!


  1. First, it is almost impossible to have a life outside of children, at least for awhile. I made a pact with myself that I would even try until the littlest one was one. I tried too soon with the older one and was disappointed. So, baby steps. A dance class that meets once a week, a movie with girlfriends once a month etc.

    Second, I believe the key to a successful tree is to get a Charlie Brown tree. Ours is pretty spindly and you can be sure the ornaments stand out when there aren't so many troubling branches and leaves to get in the way.

    That is all the advice I have. I realize it is of no real value, but now that it is in print for the whole world to see, it seems official.

  2. Thanks for the perspective. I was feeling ready to have a life again after Roo turned one, also. But I'm not even going to try until she starts waking up at a decent hour. Right now my kid shift is from 4:30 in the morning until 8 at night (with a lot of help from Bill when he's home) and then it's time for me to go to bed. There just aren't enough hours in the day for me with this schedule.

    Great tip with the Charlie Brown tree! I think this will work great for my delicate ornaments!

  3. I am laughing so hard because we have the same tiers on our christmas tree. crappy homemade in toddler reach, nice, pretty delicate on top. This year I attempted to just put candy canes all over it thinking it would look festive and surely the kids couldn't eat all of the candy canes in one day. I was wrong. they did. I was just at ikea and they have some really nice straw ornaments that look pretty indestuctable and are cheap enough to buy a bunch. I think htat is where i am headed next. I am just going to overload the tree and make it look intentional. Actually I am not going to do anything but try to get out of town for our stupid christmas vacation.