How To Dress Your Baby Girl...

How To Dress Your Baby Girl Who Has a Long Torso and Short Legs So That 12-18 Month Pants Are Too Long and Shirts are Too Short.

1.  Waste a lot of time and money scouring second-hand stores and kids resale shows to buy cute and cheap winter clothes in the 12-18 month range.  Lament when you realize nothing fits her.

2. Go to Target and buy a bunch of baby boy sweats with elastic on the bottom, sweatshirts, and score on these extra long baby tees that are all only $4 apiece (suppress guilty thoughts about child labor in foreign countries).

3.  Let her sweet light shine right through her dumpy “uniform” so she’s still adorable and way cuter than a button.

The Uniform

Also, great hair day!


  1. She's adorable no matter what she wears! We have the same situation with Anders (and Henry, for that matter), long torso, short legs. It seems like Anders is starting to even out a little, though.

    And Target! I hate that every time I go there I find exactly what I need. Thrift shops are a total time suck, unfortunately. I keep hoping to hook up with someone who has a boy(s) about 1 year older than Anders. And another family with a boy(s) one year younger than Finn. Then we can have a clothes train--just keep passing them down.

    Of course, the kids are starting to wear through some of their clothes, or stain them, but a lot make it through the boy gauntlet.

    Wow, this comment is too long. Bye!

  2. Long torso, short leg genes are tenacious. They run rampant around these parts. I think we discussed this once on the steps of somebody's garage many years ago, but, I have em too.

    I will say a prayer of thanks for all the bleeding fingers in indonesia on your behalf.

    just kidding.

    you can just pretend that I bought more clothes from target or old navy than I already regularly do and that you had nothing to do with it. I would do that for you. because I love you.

  3. She's just so sweet and pretty the little cozy clothed cutie!