Ashby de la Hair

The Ashby of Hair.

My blog name combines my married and maiden names with the famous Ashby de la Zouch castle in England.  Wait, you say, a famous English castle by the name of Ashby?  Does that mean my kids are descended from royalty?  You bet.

But wait - I’m adopted. I’m the lucky inheritor of four names!  
The title of my blog should be  “Ashby de la Hair Speek Wise.”
Not so fast.  What about my Mom’s maiden name, my Mom’s Mother’s maiden name, my Dad’s Mother’s maiden name, my Bio-Mom’s Mother’s maiden name, and my Bio-Dad’s Mother’s maiden name?  
OK, so the official name of my blog (with apologies to all my Great-Grandmothers) is:
“Ashby de la Hair, Speek Wise, Cooper Stevenson Burke, Turnquist McGuire," 
"Ashby de la Hair" for short.


  1. Could you stick in a few "concepcion de las montanas" just for some latin flair? I don't think anyone would notice. Thanks Mrs Ashby de la Hair Speek Wise Cooper Stevenson Burke (concepcion de las montanas)Turnquist McGuire for getting ye olde blog up and running. You will be on my rounds. ps. you should make a family crest. it would be a very ambitious undertaking.

  2. Good point. A Latin name would give me more cred. One of my Great-Grandmothers was part Osage Indian but I don't know much about her. Maybe I'll throw in "Tallchief," or "Big Track" to give me indigenous props. Also, "Speak-Wise" sounds indian-y, or just add Gray in front of Hair.

  3. Yeah! You started a blog! I quit FB for awhile so now I can keep up with you here!